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Secrets to Facebook Marketing and Branding Your Business

Good morning! Today, we’re diving into the secrets of Facebook marketing and how to brand your business effectively. These insights come directly from the Zuckerberg Institute Mastermind event we attended in New York City last weekend. In this post, we’ll cover everything from the importance of engagement to leveraging different platforms like Instagram and Twitter. Let’s get started!

Importance of Geotargeting Posts

Targeting Specific Events and Locations

One powerful strategy we learned is geotargeting your Facebook posts. For instance, if you’re attending an event, you can create ads that target that specific location. This way, people at the event are more likely to see your posts, increasing your visibility.

Adding Location Tags

Always add location tags to your posts and stories. Facebook and Instagram favor content that includes location data, which can help boost your engagement and reach.

Post Engagement is Crucial

Facebook Algorithm Favors Highly Engaged Posts

The Facebook algorithm prioritizes posts with high engagement. This includes likes, comments, and shares. Long-form comments carry more weight, so encourage your audience to leave detailed feedback.

Ask the Audience for Engagement

Don’t be shy about asking your audience for likes, comments, and shares. A simple call-to-action can significantly boost your post’s reach.

Reply to Comments for Further Engagement

Engage with your audience by replying to their comments. This not only increases engagement but also builds a stronger relationship with your followers.

Don’t Overuse Tagging

Tagging Too Many People Can Kill Reach

While it might be tempting to tag a bunch of people in your posts, doing so can actually harm your reach. Stick to tagging only those who are directly relevant to the post.

Limit Tags to Very Relevant People

Be strategic about who you tag. Only tag individuals who will find the post genuinely interesting and relevant.

Use Facebook Messenger for Sharing

Facebook Favors Sharing Through Messenger

Instead of sharing a post directly on someone’s timeline, use Facebook Messenger. This method is favored by Facebook’s algorithm and can help increase your post’s visibility.

Create Messenger Groups to Share Content

Consider creating groups within Facebook Messenger for sharing your content. This makes it easier to reach a targeted audience who will engage with your posts.

Have a Consistent Brand Identity

Pick 3 Main Themes/Topics to Focus On

Choose three main themes or topics for your brand and stick to them. For example, if you’re in real estate, your topics might be market insights, property showcases, and client testimonials.

All Content Should Align with Those Themes

Ensure that all your posts align with your chosen themes. This creates a consistent brand identity that your audience can easily recognize.

Use Preferred Image Sizes/Dimensions

Apps Like Insta-size, Canva to Resize Images

It’s crucial to use the preferred image sizes for Facebook and Instagram. Apps like Insta-size and Canva can help you resize your photos to fit perfectly.

Avoid Banned/Restricted Hashtags

Research Banned Hashtags as They Change

Using banned or restricted hashtags can get your account shadowbanned. This means your posts won’t show up in searches, limiting your visibility. Regularly research which hashtags are currently banned.

Increases Post Visibility

Incorporate trending topics and hashtags into your posts. This can significantly boost your post’s reach and engagement.

But Stay Relevant to Your Brand

While it’s important to use trending hashtags, make sure they are relevant to your brand. Irrelevant hashtags can confuse your audience and dilute your brand message.

Switch Up Content Format

Mix of Images, Text, Videos

Diversify your content by mixing images, text, and videos. This keeps your audience engaged and makes your profile more attractive.

Create Patterns When Scrolling Feed

Create a visually appealing feed by establishing patterns, such as alternating between text posts, images, and videos.

Complete Your Profile Fully

Fill Out All Available Fields

Make sure to complete all the fields in your profile. A fully filled out profile looks professional and increases your credibility.

Get Verified if Possible

If you can, get your profile verified. This adds an extra layer of trust for your audience.

Observe Competitors’ Tactics

“Pages to Watch” for Competitor Analysis

Facebook’s “Pages to Watch” feature allows you to keep an eye on your competitors. Analyze what works for them and adapt those strategies for your own page.

Geotag Check-Ins at Locations

Opportunity for Business Promotions

Geotagging your check-ins can open opportunities for promotions and partnerships with local businesses.

Avoid in Posts if Possible

Facebook tends to penalize posts with external links. If you must include a link, try to add it in the comments section instead of the main post.

Never Use Words Like “Giveaway,” “Share,” or “Free” in Posts

Flags Content as Promotional

Using words like “giveaway,” “share,” or “free” can flag your post as promotional, reducing its reach. Use alternatives like “complimentary” to avoid this issue.

Go Vertical for Instagram

Create Visually Consistent Feed When Scrolling

When it comes to Instagram, go vertical. This means using tall images that fit well within the Instagram feed, creating a more visually appealing profile.

Use Instagram Stories Creatively

More Engagement = More Reach

Instagram Stories are a fantastic way to engage your audience. Use features like polls, questions, and countdowns to drive interaction.

Tap and Hold for Longer Views

Encourage your audience to tap and hold on your stories for longer views. This boosts engagement and signals to Instagram that your content is valuable.

Limit on 30 Hashtags per Post

Use Unique Hashtag Sets per Post

While Instagram allows up to 30 hashtags per post, avoid using the same set repeatedly. Mix it up to avoid being shadowbanned.

Maintain Instagram Aesthetic

Consistent Color Palettes, Filters, etc.

Keep a consistent aesthetic on your Instagram feed. Use similar color palettes and filters to create a cohesive look.

Utilize Instagram Carousels

Multiple Images, Better Engagement

Instagram Carousels allow you to post multiple images in one post. This type of content often gets better engagement as users swipe through the images.

Disclose Paid Partnerships Clearly

Follows Guidelines, Transparency

If you’re posting sponsored content, make sure to disclose it clearly. Transparency builds trust with your audience.

Prioritize the Platform with Highest Engagement

Don’t Spread Yourself Too Thin

Focus on the platform where you get the most engagement. There’s no need to be on every social media platform if your audience isn’t there.

Twitter Has Short Lifespan

Tweets Have 7-10 Minute Visibility

Tweets have a very short lifespan, typically around 7-10 minutes. Use Twitter for real-time conversations rather than long-term content.

Negative Feedback Tanks Posts

Hides, Reports, etc. Severely Hurt Reach

Negative feedback such as hides or reports can severely hurt your post’s reach. Be mindful of the content you post to avoid this.

Post Timing and Recency Matters

Posts Decay After 2-3 Hours with No Traction

If a post doesn’t get any traction within 2-3 hours, consider deleting it. This prevents your page from being penalized for low engagement.

Be Comfortable with All Public Content

“Billboard Test” for Appropriateness

Before posting anything, ask yourself if you’d be comfortable seeing it on a giant billboard with your face on it. If not, don’t post it.

Keep Things Positive and Upbeat

Negativity Turns People Off

Positive and upbeat content is more likely to engage your audience. Avoid negativity as it can turn people off and harm your engagement.

Start Small with Exclusive Groups

Easier to Foster Engagement, Connection

Starting with small, exclusive groups can make it easier to foster engagement and build strong connections with your audience.

Experiment with New Platform Features

Gets Preferential Treatment in Algorithms

Whenever a platform introduces new features, try them out. Early adopters often get preferential treatment in algorithms.

Use Branded Hashtags Sparingly

Can Come Across Spammy if Overused

While branded hashtags can be useful, don’t overuse them. They can come across as spammy and turn off your audience.

Focus on Native Posting

Scheduling Tools Can Hurt Reach

Whenever possible, post natively on the platform. Scheduling tools can sometimes hurt your post’s reach.

Networking Benefits of Programs Like Zuckerberg Institute

Access to Influencers, Mentors

Programs like the Zuckerberg Institute offer access to influencers and mentors, providing invaluable guidance and networking opportunities.

Peer Support and Collaboration

Being part of such programs also provides peer support and collaboration opportunities, helping you grow both personally and professionally.

Importance of Constantly Learning

Platforms and Best Practices Evolve

Social media platforms and best practices are always evolving. Stay up-to-date by continually learning and adapting your strategies.

Personalized Tips for Individuals’ Goals

Growing an Audience vs. Influencer Marketing

Your strategies will vary depending on your goals. Whether you’re looking to grow an audience or become an influencer, tailor your approach accordingly.

Cost/Benefit of Mentorship Programs

Direct Access to Expertise

While mentorship programs can be costly, they provide direct access to expertise and can be incredibly beneficial for your growth.

Leveraging Connections for Opportunities

Introductions, Promotions, etc.

Networking through such programs can lead to introductions and promotions that you might not have access to otherwise.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, mastering Facebook marketing and branding your business requires strategic planning and consistent effort. By leveraging geotargeting, engaging with your audience, and maintaining a cohesive brand identity, you can significantly boost your visibility and reach. Remember to experiment with new features, keep your content positive, and focus on the platforms where your audience is most active. As social media platforms and best practices evolve, staying informed and adaptable is key to sustained success. Embrace the insights from industry events and mentorship programs to refine your strategies and unlock new opportunities for growth. Happy marketing!

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