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Rewind Show: Unpacking the Week’s Real Estate Gold Nuggets

Hey everyone! Thank you so much for joining us on the Rewind. I’m excited for this week’s lineup because we have tons of golden nuggets to cover. I’m here with Katie, and we’ll dive deep into each show, breaking down key takeaways and valuable insights for you. Let’s get started!

Pain and Gains Show with TJ and Kelly Payne

Outsourcing Property Management

This week’s episode of “Pain and Gains” with TJ and Kelly Payne featured a discussion on the value of outsourcing property management. The guest, Matthew from Austin, shared his experiences and the benefits of using a solid property management company. Here are some highlights:

  1. Client Insights: Most new clients come from issues like needing to evict tenants, not proactive system implementations.
  2. Vetting Property Managers: It’s crucial to vet property management companies thoroughly. Ask about their system, process, and end-to-end handling.
  3. Fee Structure: Matthew’s company charges 70% of the first month’s rent, splitting it between the agent and the company, with additional fees at a percent ever.
  4. Owner vs. Tenant Responsibilities: Importance of knowing who’s responsible for what, like a broken dishwasher due to tenant negligence.
  5. Two-Year Leases: Starting tenants on two-year leases can reduce vacancies and make tenants feel secure.
  6. Recording Conversations: Matthew records all tenant communications, providing transparency and accountability.

REI Divas Show with Jelly and Kristen

Tiny Homes

This episode’s guest was Professor Brad Corkle, who shared insights into the booming trend of tiny homes. Tiny homes are not only adorable but also efficient and versatile. Here’s what we learned:

  1. Building Process: Building a tiny home uses similar steps and processes as regular homes but on a smaller scale.
  2. Innovative Features: Unique features like Murphy beds and outdoor living spaces maximize functionality.
  3. Creative Use of Materials: High-end finishes and smart design choices make tiny homes look and feel spacious and luxurious.

Take a peek at some of Brad’s student projects, showing off their creativity in maximizing space without sacrificing style.

Ground Zero Show with Q and Sheldon

Building a Team

Q and Sheldon discussed the challenges and benefits of building a strong team. Here’s what stood out:

  1. Two Alphas: Having two strong leaders can sometimes clash, but it’s about finding the right partnership.
  2. Importance of Systems: Putting reliable systems and processes in place helps scale and manage the workload efficiently.
  3. Individual vs. Team: The combined hours and effort of a team far surpass what an individual can achieve alone.
  4. Partnerships: Success often hinges on finding the right people to work with, emphasizing complementary skills and mutual goals.

Business and Life Mastery Show with Elizabeth and Christina

Christina Spells: A Rising Star

Christina Spells, a 27-year-old powerhouse, shared her journey and strategies, closing 22 deals a month while managing 15 fix-and-flip projects. Here’s her secret sauce:

  1. Team Loyalty: Building a loyal team creates a motivated workforce.
  2. ROI Calculations: Understanding rentals and calculating the ROI accurately is essential for sustained success.
  3. Equity Partnerships: Using partnerships for financing and project completion creates win-win scenarios.
  4. Syndication of Funds: Crowdfunding and multifamily investments are keys to scaling.
  5. Assignment Fees: Paying herself assignment fees even on her own projects helps manage cash flow.

Commercial Cash Flow with Ronnie, Phillip, and Kenny

Analyzing Deals with Dustin Miles

Dustin Miles shared his expertise in syndicating deals and adding value to properties. Two highlighted projects in Oklahoma and Waco showed different strategies to boost property values:

  1. Cable Impact: Removing or adding amenities like cable can significantly impact property value.
  2. Rent Hikes: Incremental rent increases, even without renovations, can boost income and property value.
  3. Additional Units: Converting unused space into rentable units adds substantial value.
  4. Tenant Retention: Unique strategies like pool parties and raffles help retain tenants and reduce vacancy rates.

Quest with Rebecca Miller

Exploring Different IRA Options with Nathan Long

Nathan Long of Quest discussed personalized consultations to help investors choose the right account types. Key takeaways:

  1. Personalized Plans: Tailored advice based on income sources, family situation, and investment goals.
  2. Health Accounts: Special accounts that cover medical expenses, offering tax advantages.
  3. Family Contributions: Using IRAs for spouses and children can maximize benefits and ensure a secure financial future.

Roughneck to Real Estate with Cory Thompson

Virtual Wholesaling and Cold Calling with Joey

Joey shared his experiences in virtual wholesaling and note investing. Key insights include:

  1. Cold Calling Techniques: Practical advice and live examples of cold calling sessions.
  2. Zero Percent Offers: Making innovative offers that include interest-free periods and specific terms.
  3. Partnering Up: Building strong partnerships to expand reach and efficiency.
  4. Female Voices for RVMs: Using female voices for ringless voicemails can significantly improve engagement rates.
  5. Utilizing Resources: Tools like call rail, Google Drive, and HubSpot can streamline operations and improve efficiency.

The Norred Team with Daniel

Masterclass with Greg Dickerson

Greg Dickerson, from handyman to a $30 million/year contractor, shared an incredible journey full of actionable insights:

  1. Start Small and Learn: Begin by mastering your market, learn every detail, and immerse yourself in the business.
  2. Work for Free: Gain invaluable experience by working for successful people in the industry.
  3. Know Your Buyers: Understand what your buyers want and tailor your deals accordingly.
  4. Follow Up Relentlessly: Persistent follow-up is crucial for closing deals.
  5. Delegation and Leadership: Success stems from being a leader, delegator, and motivator. Greg emphasizes servant leadership, putting his team first and ensuring their success.


This week’s Rewind was packed with invaluable insights and practical advice from experienced investors and industry leaders. From building tiny homes to mastering virtual wholesaling and establishing strong teamwork, each show offered something unique. Make sure you go back and watch these episodes, take notes, and implement what you’ve learned to scale your real estate business. Happy investing!

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