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Weekly Real Estate Rewind: Key Nuggets from March 11 to March 15

Welcome to the Rewind! I’m Bettina, here with Casey and Ryan to break down the most valuable insights from this past week’s episodes. We had a range of guests and topics, from real estate strategies to business mindsets. Let’s dive into the highlights and must-know nuggets.

Monday’s Show with Daniel

Real Estate Investing Will Not Make You Rich

Daniel kicks off with a reality check: real estate investing won’t make you rich by itself. It’s the business mindset and hustle you apply that makes the difference. Simply put, real estate is a vehicle—you need to drive it with a strong business acumen to get anywhere.

The Balanced Life Wheel

Daniel introduces the concept of a balanced life wheel. Imagine your life as a pie where each slice represents different areas: work, family, entertainment, religion, etc. If all you do is hustle, the wheel becomes lopsided and difficult to roll. Balance is key to maintaining long-term success and avoiding burnout.

Abundance vs. Scarcity Mindset

A recurring theme was the abundance mentality. Daniel emphasized that acknowledging scarcity thinking and countering it with actions that foster abundance is crucial. This mindset shift can propel your real estate career forward.

Story and Quotes

Daniel shared an impactful story from Eric Thomas about the struggles of entrepreneurship. Until you feel like you’re drowning and have to fight to breathe, you won’t understand the real grind of this business. One memorable quote from Daniel: “Don’t be a dumbass.” It’s blunt but true—wisely invest your time and money for the best results.

Don Costa Interview

Direct Mail Marketing Strategy

Don Costa blew our minds with his $1.2 million expenditure on direct mail in 2018. Whether it’s dollars or mailers, that’s a significant investment. Don stressed the importance of tracking KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) through split testing by changing small details like the phone number on mail pieces.

Importance of Follow-Up

A staggering 40% of Don’s deals come from follow-ups. This highlights the importance of not giving up on potential leads. Consistency and patience are essential.

Systems for Managing Contractors

Don has a meticulous system for managing contractors, paying them only upon invoicing and on specific days. This approach controls cash flow and ensures contractors deliver on their promises.

Number of Deals

Don revealed he closed 192 deals last year, mostly fix-and-flips. His success underlines the importance of a structured approach and effective systems.

Tuesday’s Ground Zero Show

Importance of Trust in Wholesaling

Quintin Flores stressed that wholesaling is built on trust. Ethical practices are a must in building long-term relationships with buyers and sellers. Integrity and honesty aren’t just optional; they are the cornerstone of a successful wholesaling business.

Protecting Investor Money

Ryan Jackson shared a key principle: “I will protect your money more than I will protect my own.” This mindset helps build trust with investors and fosters strong, lasting partnerships.

Quintin’s Wholesaling Volume

Quintin did 101 deals last year, with 60 of them sold to a single buyer. This shows the power of having a reliable buyer but also the risk of over-reliance on one client.

Being Ethical in Real Estate

Both Quintin and Ryan emphasized the importance of being ethical. The real estate community is tight-knit; unethical behavior will get called out. Always operate with integrity.

Fernando Young Interview

Building a High-Performance Team

Fernando Young offered insights on building a high-performance team. His advice: treat everyone like somebody, because you never know where they’ll end up in their career.

Personality Tests and Their Limitations

Fernando isn’t a fan of personality tests because people can learn to game them. Instead, focus on the real-world performance and adaptability of your team members.

Being a Solutions Provider

Always be a solutions provider. If you don’t know the answer, find someone who does. This approach helps build trust and credibility.

Making Your Business Visible

Fernando highlighted the concept of “winking in the dark,” which means if no one knows what you do, your efforts are wasted. Make your work and capabilities visible to attract clients and partners.

Wednesday’s Commercial Show

Case Studies Analyzed

Ronnie Phillips and Mark Kenney delved into three detailed case studies. These examples offered a real-world look at commercial deals, teaching us about acquisition, renovation, and exit strategies.

Expenses as Percentage of Revenue

One key nugget: expenses usually make up about 50% of revenue. Knowing this helps in budgeting and setting realistic expectations.

Local Deal Sponsors/Partners

Having local knowledge is crucial in commercial real estate. Connecting with local deal sponsors can offer insights and ease the process of navigating new markets.

Acquisition and Exit Strategies

Mark highlighted how the way you acquire a property significantly affects your exit strategy. For example, assuming a loan with a short timeline can limit your refinancing options.

Claire & Clayton Interview

Importance of Networking

Claire and Clayton both emphasized joining local real estate investment associations (REIAs). These platforms are invaluable for networking and gaining insights.

Learning from Mistakes

Making mistakes is essential for growth. Clayton advised underbidding or trying different contract terms just to learn the nuances of real estate transactions.

Using Bird Dogs

There was a spirited debate on the use of bird dogs. Russ doesn’t use them, but Claire and Clayton find them valuable. Different strokes for different folks, but the key is to find what works for you.

Differing Perspectives

The age and experience gap between them led to differing strategies. This diversity offers various approaches to the same problems, giving you options to consider.

Short Sales Show

Basics of Short Sales Explained

Kristin and Melody shed light on the complexities of short sales. Knowing whether a loan type (like FHA) will go short sale is crucial for predicting outcomes.

Key Considerations

Melody acts as a “glorified babysitter,” dealing with banks and negotiating liens. Her role is vital in ensuring the process goes smoothly.

To Refer Out or Not?

Referring out short sales can be a good strategy if you have the right partner who keeps you in the loop and offers first dibs on properties.

Financing Show

The BRRRR Method

The Buy, Renovate, Rent, Refinance, Repeat (BRRRR) method was thoroughly discussed. While it’s great for quickly scaling your rental portfolio, it may not always maximize cash flow.

3 Common Financing Mistakes

  1. Showing too many deductions on your taxes can hurt your refinancing chances.
  2. Making large purchases during refinancing can mess up your approval.
  3. Large, unexplainable deposits within two months can be a red flag for lenders.

Maximizing Cash Flow vs. Acquisitions

Brandon pointed out that while the BRRRR method is great for acquiring properties, it doesn’t always mean you’re maximizing cash flow.

Importance of Patience

Patience is key. Don’t rush into acquiring rentals. Make sure you’re getting solid deals and finding the right financing options.


In conclusion, this week’s episodes of the Real Estate Rewind provided a wealth of valuable insights and actionable advice for real estate investors and professionals. From Daniel’s emphasis on the necessity of a balanced mindset and strategic business acumen, to Don Costa’s detailed strategies on direct mail marketing and contractor management, the week was packed with lessons on achieving sustainable success in real estate. 

Key takeaways from experts like Quintin Flores, Ryan Jackson, and Fernando Young highlighted the importance of trust, ethical practices, and high-performance teams in building long-term success. The in-depth discussions on commercial real estate, short sales, and financing underscored the complexity and diversity of strategies in the industry. As you navigate your real estate journey, remember to stay ethical, be patient, and continually seek knowledge and growth. 

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