A Propelio Case Study

This week I spoke with Josh S. who’s been using Propelio for five months. Josh has completed numerous deals, with the help of Propelio, and has kindly agreed to tell us more about how he’s used Propelio to help his real estate investing business.


I’m a real estate investor and have been investing for about six years now. My investment strategy is typically flipping, and working on wholesale deals, depending on where I’m at with my other jobs. I’m always busy, and this strategy fits with my lifestyle. Propelio has been instrumental in helping me to complete 22 flip deals. I’ve also completed numerous wholesales deals, so many I can’t even begin to guess a number.

Ease of use, and speed is crucial to me, and one of the reasons I like using Propelio is that I much prefer its interface, and property filtering system compared to the MLS portal that I used before I discovered Propelio. What used to take me fifteen minutes now takes me a few seconds. What used to take me hours, now takes minutes. It’s awesome, and saves me a lot of time which I can use to focus on other areas of my business. I like the fact that I’m in complete control of the full deal process too. I don’t have to rely on a third party to get me comps, and I don’t have to wonder if the comps were accurate. I can see with my own eyes comparable sales, and select only the ones I think are appropriate to a deal I’m working on.

In total, I spend about an hour a day using Propelio. Typically, I like to split my time between getting comparable sales data, and finding deals on undervalued properties. The Propelio interface makes it much quicker and easier to find deals and comps compared to other systems I’ve used in the past.

One of my most successful deals to date was found thanks to Propelio. I made about $40k in just 2 weeks. I found a property using Deal Alerts, and wholesaled it a couple of months back for a massive ROI.

I’m often putting in offers on properties for flips and wholesaling, but I plan to open another branch of my business soon with owner financing. I’ll be continuing to use Propelio and think it’s a great resource!


Case studies, and examples are exceptional results, may not reflect the typical Propelio users experience, don’t apply to the average person and are not intended to represent or guarantee that anyone will achieve the same or similar results. The Company is not responsible for any errors or omissions in case studies information provided to it by reputable third parties using the software.

Daniel Moore

At the age of 23, with nothing but determination, Daniel Moore bought his very first investment property. He has since taken those lessons learned and by the age of 28 became a full time investor. In 2014 Daniel teamed up with his business partner Nate Worcester to create a software service company with one goal in mind - to help other investors grow. The result of their combined efforts is the most powerful real estate automation system ever created - Propelio.

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3 responses to “Propelio Case Study – Josh S.

  1. Daniel Moore says:

    Congrats man!

  2. Barry Jerome says:

    Hi Josh, I had a question. Do the realtors involved in these MLS properties get in the way price wise of you wholesaling? I guess my question really is how do you contract your deals with realtors and the sellers and then wholesale to an investor?

    1. Daniel Moore says:

      Hi Barry,

      Josh does not get notified of responses to these posts, but I can possibly help answer some of these questions for you. The simplest way, in my opinion, of wholesaling MLS properties is to double close the transaction. Doing so helps eliminate some of the potential confusion on the HUD/CD. If you have to assign, it is best to discuss with the agent/homeowner the details of your transaction. One way that I might bring that up is saying something along the lines of “I currently work with several different private lenders/partners to help assist me with these transactions. Some of them require a walk through prior to closing and I will need to schedule one or two days to privately tour the home with my partners.” If questions are brought up at closing about the assignment fee on HUD I would say something like “Remember when we first sat down I mentioned I had several private partners/lenders? Well ________ is one of my private partners, and sometimes on transactions such as these they prefer to pay me for my work up front and release me from the deal VS keeping me in the deal and paying me at the resale. So what you are seeing on the HUD is my portion of the deal being released up front.”

      Make Sense?

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