Finding the best lead list, curating it to find the motivated sellers, marketing to those sellers and closing the deal are necessary for a business to succeed.  If you want your business to grow, you must track your data, record your calls and most importantly, taking massive action.

#1 Use as Many of the Marketing Tools as You Can

Marketing is the bloodline of any business.  You have the main paid channels like direct calling, Pay per click, Bandit Signs, Cold Calling and Ringless Voicemail.  Then you have the main free marketing channels like Craigslist, Zillow Offers,, Driving for Dollars, Referrals and Facebook Groups.

#2 Curate Your Potential Leads

Top 2 lists you can pull in any city with  Choose multiple data points to curate your list such as High Equity Absentee List, 50% Equity, Single Family Residence, Sales date (Before 12/31/99).  This will help narrow to more motivated sellers.  Spending time cutting your list down to more likely candidates is worth far more than wasting time calling everyone on the list.  Instead of randomly cold calling, be proactive by using the available marketing resources.  They are easy and cheap to get started and take you directly to the seller.  Once you get your list, use a skip tracing service to find the owner’s contact information.  Now you are ready to call.

#3 Keep It Simple

When cold calling, keep it simple.  The impression you make within the first four seconds of the call get you the next 40 seconds and that determines whether you close the deal.  The greatest missed opportunity is by not following up on leads.

#4 Master the Follow Up

If you struggle with follow up, hire a team member who specializes in nurturing leads and following up with them on a consistent basis.  It takes between 3 – 6 touches before potential sellers respond.  If you are not fostering those contacts, you are missing all of those sales opportunities.

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