There are three times as many people on Facebook as on Instagram.  Facebook also has a goldmine of useful feedback and insight with around 50,000 points of data on each person.  Creating relevant visual content is essential to your marketing strategy.  You can reach a TON of people by using the tools already in place, you can leverage this powerful platform, curate your ad content and guarantee a greater response.

Hack #1 – Look at Relationship Status

You can target people based on relationships.  People often make decisions around relationship changes.  For example, when people get married, they may also be looking for a house.

Hack #2 – Your Email List is the Best Start

If you have a specific message or product that you know your contacts list would love, you can upload your email list to Facebook, then run an ad to everyone on the list. Essentially, this is building a custom audience.

Hack #3 – Clone Your List with Similar Profiles

If your friends love your product, maybe people like your friends will as well.  Facebook has thousands of data points on people, which allows you to clone your list by instructing Facebook to find people who are similar to your contacts.  This is building a custom list.

Hack #4 – Track Your Web Visitors

You can stalk your web visitors.  Facebook has a pixel installed in your website; you can place the pixel wherever you like.  You then instruct FB to make a custom list based on people who have visited your site or made a comment on your site or liked your site.  The Facebook pixels follow visitors and target them later.  The click through rate on re-targeting ads may be 2-3%, whereas click through from pixel re-targeting is 10-15%.  Use this to your advantage.

Hack #5 – Track Your Competitor’s Web Visitors

Maybe your competitors know something you don’t, but never fear, the Facebook ads library has a catalog of all your competitors’ ads.  Search through their marketing campaigns, see who they are reaching and create

Hack #6 – Location, Location, Location

You can target ads based on location to the point where you can have an ad go to only one address.  This could be beneficial for events, shows, etc.  Basically, you could set up a digital booth without even going to the events but target the attendees of the events through the Facebook ads.  This is Geo-targeting your audience.

Hack #7 – Finding That One Person

Say there’s that ONE person that you know would love your product/service and also be a great boost to your brand, you can target one specific individual.  By searching the basic data about that person, you can create an ad based on specific birthdays, locations, hobbies, etc.  If you add in enough constraints, you have individualized the ad such that it goes out to one person.

By targeting relationship status, cloning your email list, tracking your visitors and competitors focusing on a specific location and even targeting one person, you can curate your ad content to boost your returns.

*Disclaimer:  This information is not intended to serve as legal or financial advice.  It is designed to provide general information on the subject matter.  Consult with your own attorney and/or advisor(s) regarding your specific situation.

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