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Software Features

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Research properties and their owners, compile lists, and more.

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A multiple-listing service comparable tool.


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If you have an underwater property, our experts can help.

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Shows MLS coverage and broker transactions in your state.

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Top 4 Ways to Maximize Lead Conversions

If you are asking “What are doing that’s working,” you are asking the wrong questions.  The problem is that the answer only addresses what worked for that specific person.  For example, if someone follows your diet exactly will it have the same effect on them, the answer is no. #1 Apply the Pareto Principle As […]

4 Ways To Increase Your Leads and Conversions

Finding the best lead list, curating it to find the motivated sellers, marketing to those sellers and closing the deal are necessary for a business to succeed.  If you want your business to grow, you must track your data, record your calls and most importantly, taking massive action. #1 Use as Many of the Marketing […]

7 Quick Hacks to Capture Your Audience

There are three times as many people on Facebook as on Instagram.  Facebook also has a goldmine of useful feedback and insight with around 50,000 points of data on each person.  Creating relevant visual content is essential to your marketing strategy.  You can reach a TON of people by using the tools already in place, […]

Marketing Strategies, Doing Deals in Multiple Markets

Download the Podcast: Titanium Tuesday – RJ Bates III w/ Donovan Ruffin – Marketing Strategies, Doing Deals in Multiple MarketsCheck out this episode!   Donovan Ruffin joins RJ Bates III on Propelio TV for another episode of Titanium Tuesday to have fun Q/A about Donny’s team building skills, marketing, best practices, and overall keys to his success. Here is […]

Showing Off Checks on Facebook???

So I realize that showing & proving your success is a main component of being a Real Estate Investor. It can build credibility with your ability to buy a house and do deals. I also understand that getting big checks is exciting and you want to share with the class… And maybe it was just […]

Real Estate Marketing Campaigns Explained

The mythical stork brings neither babies nor business, but an understanding of real estate marketing campaigns can lead to you earning a bundle. Marketing is an umbrella term for any of the various methods with which potential consumers are introduced to products and services. Marketing is the only way to expose your real estate investment […]

Using Google Adwords to Get Real Estate Leads

Using Google AdWords to get real estate leads is a simple and cost-effective method for generating leads. The Times Square of the Internet Times Square is infamous for the density of advertising which can be found there. Prices for even the smallest ad space above Broadway can run anywhere from $1-4 million per year. An […]

Creating Your Real Estate Automation Marketing Machine

Real estate is a living business which requires a living marketing strategy able to respond to leads promptly and personally. Automation is the power surge to your real estate automation marketing machinery. WHAT IS INTERNET MARKETING AUTOMATION Marketing has always been key to business, but in a world where the success of a business is increasingly […]

Real Estate Investing with Facebook

There is no escaping social media in today’s world. Learn how to use the most popular form, Facebook, to your real estate investing advantage. Why Facebook? Facebook is not just a platform for celebrities to perform gaffes or teenagers to share, well, everything, it is a powerful tool that can be harnessed by savvy investors […]

How I manage to get 100’s of motivated sellers calling every month!

Real estate direct mail marketing is being used by many investors, but there is a big difference between doing it and doing it well. I have made some mega expensive mistakes over the past few years and will be sharing what I learned during this process. Even with those mistakes in place, direct mail marketing […]