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If you experienced anything like I did when I first got started real estate investing – getting real MLS comps was HARD! I would get some smoking hot lead come in, and an hour later I am still waiting on comparable sales… It’s not hard to guess that I couldn’t stay in business long like that!

I don’t even want to think about how many opportunities I missed because I either couldn’t get what I needed, or what I was given wasn’t as accurate as it should have been… trying to “guess” the value of a home on Zillow just doesn’t cut it.

MLS Comps for Texas!

This may seem too good to be true, but this problem is SOLVED! Propelio has partnered with Texcel Real Estate LLC, a local brokerage in Texas that specializes in working with investors and providing the tools that investors need to be effective in this fast business. Now you can log in to your Propelio account anytime you want – nights, weekends, Halloween – and quickly get the sales data you need to make a decision. I can’t even begin to think of how much easier starting in this business would have been for me if I had this tool!

How to Search for Comps

This is going to be the easiest thing you do all day. Literally. A minute or two to setup and voila! Unlimited MLS comps night or day. Here is a quick how to video we have put together to show you just how easy it is:

It really is that simple

Every investor knows that real estate is a fast-moving business. So if you can’t estimate a home’s value in minutes, you may lose that deal to someone who can! Integrated right into Propelio’s Lead Tracker, true comparable sales are just a click away. And not only sales: our CMA report shows all activity in the area including active and pending listings to get a real sense for how the market is moving.

Login to your account and never wait for MLS comps again. Or if you don’t have an account, you can easily register here.

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Daniel Moore

At the age of 23, with nothing but determination, Daniel Moore bought his very first investment property. He has since taken those lessons learned and by the age of 28 became a full time investor. In 2014 Daniel teamed up with his business partner Nate Worcester to create a software service company with one goal in mind - to help other investors grow. The result of their combined efforts is the most powerful real estate automation system ever created - Propelio.

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8 responses to “MLS Comps in Texas – Instantly 24/7

  1. Can you tell me if Other states will be accessible for the use of this Product soon , such as Florida, or New York ?

    1. Daniel Moore says:

      Although I wish I could say yes, those two states will likely be more than a year out. I do wish I could offer assistance, but for now we are in Texas only.

  2. Courtney Smith says:

    Are you in San Antonio, TX?

    1. Daniel Moore says:

      Hi Courtney, we are in San Antonio, Austin, Houston, and DFW areas!

  3. tim stegall says:

    Are you covering Corpus Christi

    1. Daniel Moore says:

      We currently have a pending application in Corpus and should be releasing asap.

  4. Steve says:

    Is this the same information that my Realtor would be pulling? If so, why do Realtors tell you that you have to have a Real Estate license in order to access the MLS? thanks.

    1. Daniel Moore says:

      You do have to be licensed to access the MLS! Your agent was 100% correct, but in Texas real estate agents are allowed to provide their clients/potential clients with comparable sales. Most people are used to reaching out to their agent via phone, text, or email to obtain their comps, but Propelio has introduced a new option for establishing that connection with a real estate agent. You can now get comps, through a licensed real estate agent, instantly via the web. That is how Propelio works!

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