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Marketing Strategies, Doing Deals in Multiple Markets

Marketing Strategies, Doing Deals in Multiple Markets

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Donovan Ruffin joins RJ Bates III on Propelio TV for another episode of Titanium Tuesday to have fun Q/A about Donny’s team building skills, marketing, best practices, and overall keys to his success.

Here is a transcript of the show:

Welcome back to another episode of the Propelio real real estate investing podcast. Today, it’s titanium Tuesday with Rj Bates, the third and Donovan Ruffin. They’ll be discussing marketing, doing deals in multiple markets and more. Hey guys, welcome to Titanium Tuesdays on Propelio TV. I’m your host, Rj Bates. Today I’m sitting down with the Donovan Ruffin. Are you doing buddy? I’m good man. How are you? I’m doing pretty good. Hello world. Yeah, so today we’re gonna Chit Chat about marketing strategies, doing deals and multiple markets, you’re in, What? DFW, San Antonio and South Florida. Yeah, three markets aren’t now. It was pretty cool. Also, we want to keep this interactive. We want to answer all of your questions that y’all have for Donovan or for myself today. So the more questions the better. Love to get everybody interacted and then help us out with today’s episode. So let’s jump into, you are kind of semi famous for, for bandit signs, for bandit signs. Yeah. And I consider myself the bandit sign king. Yeah. So how many bandit signs are y’all? Drop it on like a weekly basis right now?

Um, I would say probably about 500 minimum. That’s kind of like the minimum standards. Um, sometimes my guys like to make some extra bucks so they’ll put maybe a thousand out, but we have a minimum standard of at least 2000 a month.

So how’s that working? Are you, obviously you have guys going out and doing that? Yeah. How? Walk us through the process where everybody is watching and they want to learn how to do bandit signs. Yeah. What is your system look like on how y’all do that?

Um, well I’ve, I’ve kind of built out a little team that’s been with me for a couple of years. Um, and I mean they want to make some extra money on the weekends and essentially I ordered the on is directly from the facility, goes directly to their house. Um, so I probably never even see the signs. And then on Fridays they’re, they’re teamed up with uh, the um, the simple crew out and then they just go out and lay them out. And

are these pre-printed? Have you split tested light between the pre printed and riding on him? Or did he just go preprinted

I have, um, it’s just, it takes time, you know? Um, and we see it’s like we might get less calls but we can do more by just spending a couple extra bucks and just get them printed so it saves time. Gotcha. Because I mean at this, I mean, you get to a point in business where Tom is more important than

then actual couple bucks, you know what I mean? So, so Tang when says he’s a jelly of all that beard action, the beard, which I mean, I’m just going to be honest with that. I mean we are jealous of your hair. Okay. Cause combined between the two of us, we have like a quarter inch of hair on the top of your head. So anyways, love you guys for tuning in. We’ve got Jeremiah got Jamie, all kinds of people. Yale joined it in. So please jump her all those questions on the comments that are on the facebook live feed. We definitely want to, uh, you know, get everybody interacted day, answer some questions. Donovan is taking time out of his day to be here, so we definitely want to get as much out of him as we can. Ryan asks, where are Y’all investing? So mainland DFW, right?

Um, well yeah, we do deals in DFW, fort worth obviously. Um, and then we do San Antonio and South Florida, Fort Lauderdale and Miami. And Are you wholesaling and flipping? What are you doing in each of those markets? Have in Dallas. We’re just, I mean, only a dallas. We’re doing rehabs and then everywhere else it’s just wholesaling.

So when you get a lead that comes in, is that, oh, this is, you know, I get this question all the time from people ask me, you know, if you wholesale and Rehab,

how are you making a determination of how many deals are you going to rehab is a better one to wholesale or to keep to flip? How are you making those determinations? Yeah, I mean, well we, we stick to a basic criteria, um, and our rehabs it, it probably, I mean you could essentially like hotel them where they really don’t need a lot of work, maybe just paint carpet, so turn key rehabs. That’s Kinda like our criteria. So if it’s doesn’t need anything really like foundation, if the big three are good then we consider it for Rehab. That’s kind of the way we look at it. Yeah. And how are you handling the rehabs on those deals of internal crews or hiring out to general contractors who are doing there? So I’ve internal crews, um, my brother and I teamed up and he handles the subs. Um, and honestly we’ve been, we’ve been working with the same subs for years, so, uh, it’s, it’s pretty simple once you get a good team established and kind of treat them good and um, they kind of stay loyal to you, just like you stay loyal to them.

So my good buddy Louie says a question for you. He says, how did you start your team and what can we do

do to grow in the same footsteps as you? Um, well I think with the perspective of how you can add value to somebody and they can add value to you, essentially you bring each other value, um, and you kind of look at it from a standpoint of where you need help so you can duplicate yourself, um, because it, it gets to a point, it’s just like if you want to grow in business, you have to um, have more free time to, to learn different avenues or to dedicate more time to which means you need somebody else to work where you’re working right now, you know, so like, I mean even for you or anybody, um, what are you doing every day that costs time, um, and you kind of look at it, how can I replace myself, um, and put somebody else in the seat so I can go into a different seat. And then you continue to do that. And that’s kind of how you, that’s the way a team should be structured. But bandit signs is a huge part of your business. You have the guys who are shipping directly to them. They give the sirens. Yeah. They have an APP that they’re using, the proves that their place in the bandit sign to you. How are they, where they’re

placing the bandit signs? So,

um, well we do like 10 per zip code. Uh, we, we typically like to stay outside of main intersections. It’s, I mean it’s pretty standard procedure with bandit signs and everybody always like, it’s like bandit signs is not the way to go. Abandoned science is the way to go. Um, we do a lot of volume with bandit signs and we’re also very consistent with it. And that’s mixed with the biggest difference. There’s some weeks we don’t get any calls, some weeks we get a lot of calls, we just have to stay consistent with it. So.

So are you using callrail to track the phone numbers or how to use callrail? Are you tracking each individual person signs with different callrail number? Was it just a, it’s just the whole, the whole campaign, the whole campaign, right. Because they’re, my guys aren’t compensated by their signs. They’re compensated per sign in the ground, so it doesn’t make a difference. And who’s doing the lead intake on those calls? Um, it will, it goes to one of my acquisitions. So specifically the acquisitions person and when those calls come in or they setting appointments or are they trying to make offers right there on the phone? We make it over the phone. Yeah. So why did you make that decision that day? That’s a, that’s a heated conversation between the.

Well, um, I mean because we, we essentially do all forms of marketing so we get a lot of inbound leads. Essentially we just physically don’t have the time to be driving in traffic to go look at houses and make offers. Um, I guess having experienced doing rehabs, you can kind of get a general idea of how much the construction costs is going to cost. So we’re able to effectively make offers of the phone and essentially get the docusign sent and the contract signed for straight from the office.

Right. I did a lot of times. I mean, you could have made that determination just based off the age of the house. Yep. Knowing the neighborhood. Yep. Acid. A couple of key points. I mean, viewer asked them when was the last on the floors or replace it’d be ever remodeled the kitchen or bathroom. Suddenly you started getting a pretty good idea of a price per square foot for sure.

Yeah. And it, yeah, we have a basic criteria of certain questions and then we essentially asked them how much they think it would. It’d be cost or it would cost to fix. And I mean if they get into an argument where it’s like, yeah, it’s only gonna cost x amount, it’s like, okay, we believe you and then we’re still going to do an inspection. And it’s like, hey, you told us it was going to be 15 and like clearly it’s impossible

so we need a cheaper. So, so we’ve got a question here. Do you see a saturation in the market with bandit signs in terms of competition? Um, I, I don’t believe in saturation just because, I mean there’s millions of people in Dallas, you know, so I mean there’s deals for everybody. We all avoid led the corners where there’s already like four or five bandit signs already there. Um, I tell my guys to just place it right there,

the other person’s sign because I mean, think about it, somebody’s going to take a picture of that sign or call that one sign, they’re going to call all of them. Um, and then it gets down to the point where, who’s, who’s the better, closer. All

right. Side about execution at that point. Exactly. So it doesn’t make a difference. I mean if you’ve ever just driven the streets and taking pictures of bandit signs and called yet mean nine times out of 10 they don’t even answer the phone or they don’t know what to do. Right? It’s, I mean, yeah, I mean it is. They want to know, you know, sometimes there are bandit signs where they’re trying to get cash buyers compared to actually hand in a motivated seller and it’s, it’s crazy. So I’m Jeremiah asked, do you use simple crew for bandit signs? Yes, I do. Yes. For the people that don’t know what simple crew is explaining what that is, it’s basically an app where it essentially tracks where a designer is directly placed. I’m on a map and the time when it was placed, so, um, it kind of keeps you team accountable.

Um, so they’re not just throwing it away and collecting a paycheck and make sure that it’s physically in place with a picture on a map of where the sign was placed with the time. So for the people that are wanting to build out some kind of system for this, do you mind sharing how you compensate those people for policing? I mean, I pay anywhere from a dollar or $2, kind of depends on what somebody agrees to put them out because you never know. It was just asking like, hey, how much would you do this? For some people it’s like I can do it for fifty cents a sign, you know, great. But, um, essentially, I mean we pay like $2 assigned Max and um, I think that’s pretty fair judge. Um, so yeah. Dante as, what is the cost of your marketing? So you do a lot of forms of marketing not using some bandits.

Um, last month we did about $140,000 in marketing and that’s across the three markets. Yeah. Yeah. So are you also doing bandit signs and things along those lines and San Antonio and South Florida? No. What are you doing in those markets? We do PPC, cold call in Miller’s. So let’s talk about cold calling because I see that being, as you know, a lot of people are moving towards that direction to avoid the high cost of direct mail. Yeah, for sure. How are you building that out or are you outsourcing the cold calls to vas or do you have an internal team doing that? Well, I have both. Um, I try to try to leverage it just because it’s with our in house colors. Um, we have like three cold call in house colors and it’s more quality. Um, so it, like the turnovers is a lot more efficient, but we do outsource about 25 agents, two Va’s, um, and we, we kind of play the volume game and all sorts of marketing because yeah, it’s, it, it’s the cheapest way to do it, but we don’t look at it based off of the cheapest way.

We just look at it as a forum to bring leads into the door. So we don’t, we don’t be cheap with it. We go all out with, with all forms so we can, there is no competition especially. And have you done the lead? Do you run the numbers where you see the difference in like a cost per deal on bandit signs compared to cold calling? Yeah, cost per deal with bandit signs is probably double than what it is for cold calling. And so what, what is the reasoning behind you continuing to do a high volume of bandit signs compared to dumping that back in the cold calling and doubling down on that effort? Well, it’s used. It’s leveraging different angles of marketing. You know, we might get more deals or more a dollars per deal with bandit signs but still get deals without me physically doing anything, so why not continue it and grow it, but it’s also a part of, you know, cold calling might not work for a lead that you get off.

Exactly. Yeah. Abandoned sign leads are like home run leads every time. Right. So it’s on a bandit sign lead. They they want to sell, right. You know. And on the San Antonio cold calling and the south Florida cold calling, are you pulling the same list for those or are you stacking the list that you’re pulling for the gold calling differently in those markets? Yeah, I mean we do a lot of data research, um, uh, before we go into a market and kind of find where the most cash transactions are happening because that’s where people are buying. And then we just buy the whole county. It’s not like we buy like a couple thousand dollars. We bought a couple of hundred thousand dollars at a time because you and I were talking about this before we jumped on here that each market kind of has its own little personality. Exactly. So you’re experiencing in south Florida something completely different than what you’re experiencing.

Like literally in south Florida, we’re, we’re reverse psychology. It, like we’re, I mean throwing dispositions on triple dialers, finding buyers just because we’re getting deals by the hour in south Florida because it’s, it’s a buyer’s market there. I mean, that’s what we see. Um, obviously we’re new to that market, so maybe it’s not, we’re just really aggressive compared to what everybody else. So you’re actually struggling getting rid of the deals. Yeah. Yeah. Because there’s too much inventory. Yeah. Yeah. Which is crazy to what we’re experiencing here in Texas. Yeah. But that might be something that we experienced her in Texas or in the next couple of years. So this should be good experience for you. Yeah, and I’m, I’m fortunate to be able to learn that. It’s like, well, what’s the worst that’s gonna Happen? I just have to like reverse psychology and fun instead of focused on acquisitions, we focus on dispositions and then when the market does shift, I already know how to do that in our main markets like Dallas.

So for everybody that’s tuning in love for you guys to jump in and ask some questions here. You know, obviously, you know, Donovan is uh, you know, doing a ton of bandit signs, cold calling, even a PPC. Um, so definitely drop any questions that you have about these different forms of marketing and slash or just rehabbing properties. Are wholesaling a Dante asks, what do you say to bandit sign pirates that harass y’all? Uh, I mean we, we kinda like to have fun on the phone. Like if somebody is calling us to prank call or talk shit, then we just do the same back. So just have fun with it, you know, that’s, that’s not even just bandit signs. It’s like if somebody is calling you to talk shit and they’re taking time out of your day, we just talk shit back. Right. I mean, go ahead. Let’s I, one of my favorite experiences with this was we did a direct mail campaign. Yeah, overload of calls. I got a phone call and I’m so glad this phone call came to me, was on the phone with the guy for a good 10 or 12 minutes

and he’s walking me down, you know, properties older, slightly distressed, could do some remodeling. I’m motivated to sell if the price is right. I mean we’re walking down the path and yeah, the whole time. I’m not at my computer yet, so I’m just asking the questions finally get to my computer. I’m like, all right sir, what’s your address? He gives me the address, I’ll pull it up. And just on Zillow zestimate for it was like nine point $8 million. Oh, uh, yeah. I mean this is, I imagine he was just messing with me the whole time. He was just like, yeah. And then you get that. I mean, no matter what form of marketing you do, yeah, they’re going to come right. Jessica, when cold calling, what is the best thing to say when leaving him voicemail? Uh, we actually

don’t leave voicemails. Um, when we cold call because he kind of blows our cover with the pitch so we don’t leave voicemails.

So you roll it back into the list and eventually you just keep calling them until you get hold.

We do rbms it’s a little bit different but um, with cold calling we don’t leave voicemail.

So you, so you do ringless voicemail. Are you also doing text blasting? No, I got it. So you do the ringless voicemail, what kind of voicemail are you leaving on those?

Yeah, so we have a woman on the phone and people feel more comfortable talking to women. So it’s like, hey, my friend said that you might be interested in selling one of your properties. Um, I mean we buy properties for cash. We can close pretty quickly. If you have an interest of selling one of your properties, just give us a call back, pretty simple, broken and run it through the system and then see what happens.

Are you seeing when you drop those, are you seeing just a massive influx of calls back?

Um, well we have it kind of filtered through our call rail. So it’s like, hey, if you want to be deleted from the list, press two if you want to get forward it to one of our home advisors, press one. So it kind of filters it out a little bit and then our Va’s answer it and then they filter it again and then they just send the good leads over to our podio. So. Gotcha. Yeah.

Matt Smith’s, what do you think is the best way to get cash buyers? Cash

buyers. I mean in Dallas, obviously facebook and craigslist works really good. I’m cash buyers and other markets. Craigslist, facebook. Um, do you do bandit signs and get cash buyers as well? No, we should actually. Um, I haven’t thought of that. No, but sometimes we do get cash buyers. I call the signs, but they don’t pay top dollar.

Another thing to do is have your dispositions. People drop a couple of bandit signs around the properties that you have under contract. They’re going to be going out there anyways to show the property and actually do their dispositions duties. I liked it. And then at that point in time, what’s the property sold? You can pick those up so you’re not just leaving them, but what you will do in the meantime while you’re trying to get rid of the property is accumulated some phone calls. You might even sell the property to somebody who sees your bandit sign. So that’s a, a unique way to do it as well. Um, so going back to the cold calling you said in south for you actually having to cold call to try to build a cash buyers list there yet, how are you targeting people that have actually bought properties for cash and that’s who you’re calling or how are you doing that to find those? So we targeted

agents on mls that actually listed flips in the past. Um, so we’ll, we’ll go out miles in radius around the our deals and then our va’s kind of find their phone numbers on the mls and then we essentially put them into the triple dire, learn and cold call them. So

Gosh, what we do it. So we’ve got a questionnaire. What tactics do you use to get the best price drops with sellers off of their asking price? Um, I would go back to the construction

side of it. Um, there’s obviously a ton of ways where you can negotiate even more just based off of the inspection period through our pitch we have a about four or five price drops to the entire trans, uh, or since when we first get the lead to one, we’re selling the deal, so we probably stopped a few times and we kind of prepare the seller for that, especially since we’re not seeing it physically before we put in our contract. So it allows us to go in and do another price drop multiple times. Um, with inspection period happening.

Yeah, no, the thing about that is, is just being transparent with the numbers. Yes. Well, I mean if you just explained to him like, Hey, this is what we’re seeing, cancel the robbery with this flooring or this bathroom or this countertop in the kitchen. Yet this is what it costs us proof this is, this is my experience with these types of properties. From what I’ve seen, the seller is actually respect that. Yeah, for sure.

And especially if they trust you. And that comes with building a relationship with them, um, and they trust you and then you tell them it’s like, hey, like, I mean the foundation’s messed up, we’re going to have to come in, put x amount of in, we’re going to have to fix the plumbing under the house and I have to replace the whole plumbing system, whatever, uh, that, I mean, essentially we kind of take what our buyers tell us to go walk through the property and just bring it back to the seller. So the,

your buyers are actually telling you how to price drop. So easiest way to do it. Brian Rockwell as are you enjoying wholesaling more than rehabbing?

Um, yeah, I, I do, uh, I, I mean it’s obviously a lot easier. Um, I still find a lot of joy out of, you know, taking something and making it better for sure. Um, so I mean there’s perks to both sides, but I enjoy wholesaling a little bit better just because obviously there’s no risk and it’s a lot. You get paid a lot faster, so a lot less work to.

So I think it also just, if it depends on your personality, is like the business owner and entrepreneur, you know, I mean I know some people that despise wholesaling. Yeah, for sure. I mean it’s just, it’s not something that they want to be involved in. There’s, there’s a small amount of control when you’re wholesaling, you’re always in the motivated sellers hands and you’re always on the cash buyer’s hands. You can’t really make anything happen there. And so for some people it’s just depends on what’s best for you. Exactly.

Yeah. I mean I find perks behind both of them, but I think doing both of them is super effective when you go back to the wholesaling side because you’re actually buying the house physically too. And that’s way we look at it when we,

when we pick up contract so we can understand it from the buyer’s approach because we are the buyer as well. So. So we’ve got a subtle plug for Propelio. Yeah. Sounds like you’re investing in all areas that Propelio services are in. No, that’s true. It’s true. Is Propelio something that you utilize in your business or have in the past. Um, so we have about eight acquisition guys through the company and they all use Propelio and so are you using that for lists and the MLS comps? Just mls, yeah. Gotcha. So you build your own list and outside of that and then when they’re on the fall. So let’s walk through that. So you’re making offers right there on the phone with the phone yet. So the call comes in, you’re getting information about the property. Are they on Propelio pulling a cma right there on the phone.

They’re copying and pasting and into Propelio and then we, we comp it out and then we’re making offers of the phone but it, I mean we have mls access and the markets that we’re in, but Propelio, which is obviously a lot easier. It is, yeah. It does the math for you. So I mean we just take the rv back into our system and it generates what we can offer them. So. So Mario asks, do you target private money in the specific area that you’re buying a private money in a sense of like, I mean, do we need fun assuming like if you wanted to buy a property in San Antonio, are you targeting private money winters in San Antonio? No, not necessarily. Um, well I guess I’ve Kinda raised private capital things in the past couple years so we don’t really have an issue with private money and they can kind of invest and doesn’t matter where the deal is there if it’s a deal, yes, they trust me.

So yeah, yeah, I mean the deal with private money is that she has. Sometimes people are, they care about where the deal is, but if you have a proven track record of the market, they don’t really. Yeah. So like one of one of our main lenders only likes to lend in Texas, um, which is understandable, but we have other lenders that will lend pretty much anywhere. So we had the track record, we have like Hud’s to, to kind of prove profitability. So it makes them feel more comfortable and we do honestly have experienced. So it’s not, it’s not difficult for us. So we’ve got a question on here. I know I asked you this at the beginning, but for the people that joined us late, do you still hand write your bandit signs? No, no, no. We don’t. I don’t even see. I mean, I order it from the Internet.

I never see the sign. So I mean, yeah. What are your songs specifically say to, you know, we buy houses. That’s it. Yeah. I mean I put a girl’s name underneath, um, and it makes people feel more comfortable obviously versus like, Hey, call me. I’m in an a shark, investors. I’m here to take your house, you know, it’s like, Hey, I wanna change the day. Yeah, I mean, once a month we kind of changed the girl’s name. I do. Alex, you might do. Michelle might do. Maria, did I ever want to know like where the Hell Michelle is? Yeah. They’ll call. It’s like, Hey, I need to talk to Michelle. Michelle is off today. How can I help you? It’s pretty simple. Then

yellow as, what are you doing right now to prepare for a market change?

Um, so we are actually buying cheaper and selling cheaper, so, uh, with real estate it’s always going to evaluate it a certain number and there’s always gonna be somebody in the market to buy. So as the market shifts we shift with the market, so if we have to buy cheaper than, and that’s what we’re going to do if we have to sell cheaper that and then obviously okay.

Absolutely. And I think everybody right now is talking about the market shift. Yeah. But this is to be expected, right? I mean for the basketball years, everybody should have known this was going to come and yeah, you’re absolutely right. We have to now adjust out. We’re buying as wholesalers, we have to adjust that so we continue to be able to sell exactly what properties yet. But this is only going to open up more opportunities for us as investors.

Yeah. And, and I’ve been kind of waiting for a market correction to happen for a long time just because it’s just like sellers for Warner spoiled. They know they can. Well I don’t need to sell right now and what I am, it’ll sell overnight. Right, and now we’re experienced in like, hey, I can’t really sell and it allows us to, to get it at a better price and get more inventory.

Right. I mean we had Nicole Espinosa on here a couple of weeks ago. She was talking about short sales are going up. Yeah, we’ve had Elizabeth Austin on here who’s a retail agent, rock star days on markets going up. I mean it’s definitely happening. Yeah. And so we’re going to see more opportunities come in with a motivated seller, so. Sure. So we’re going to jump to a quick break and go to commercial here. Uh, please keep the q and a come in and we’ll be right back after these messages.

Alright guys, thank you for joining us today on Titanium Tuesdays. We’ve had a bunch of really great questions for Donovan. Donovan is investing and wholesaling and rehabbing and Dallas, fort worth, San Antonio and also in south Florida. He’s got tons of knowledge. So please drop your questions that you have for them in the comments. Um, you know, we were just discussing, you know, the change in the market and what that looks like moving forward into 2019 and we’re discussing that, that it’s going to open up opportunities for us as wholesalers and investors to get cheaper deals. When, what are you doing within your

to kind of coach your acquisitions people? Yeah. Are they also in charge of dispositions? Um, so I actually have a disposition seem to have an acquisition team. Um, when it comes to both angles are we’ve already adjusted our where our Max acceptable offers can be. Gotcha. And we drop it. Well I’ve been kind of like dropping into a percentage like every week. Um, because I mean we were getting a lot of inventory right now which means we have to sell it a little bit cheaper than what bars are normally used to paying in the past.

Is that something that you were having weekly team meetings every single openly discussed like, hey, yeah, if it was, you know, this percent we got to go down, we got to get two percent cheaper discount or something.

Well, I, I guess I kind of feel blessed because I came into the market like one of those is hottest, but I was trained to, hey, you have to sell a deal at 70 percent. Right. And I didn’t realize that buyers are paying 85 percent of the time, so I know for a fact that like when it comes to the sellers, um, they’re, they’re, they’re approaching you because they want to get out of this situation and you’re here to give them value because you can help them get out of that situation, but you have to be realistic with them. It’s like, I mean, you essentially have to to, to give them a smaller offer with the, with the market.

Correct. I think one of the things what we’re going to see here in the next 12 to 18 months and what’s going to differentiate a lot of companies is going to be your ability to actually solve problems. Yes, for sure. It’s not just go in and say, here’s the offer. You’re throwing it out there and you’re trying to get a small assignment fee that has worked over the past couple of years because you were, like you said, people were willing to buy 85 percent yet, so yeah, it was easy to go lock something up at 80, 82 percent yet because you knew you couldn’t go out and resell. What’s going to have to happen now is you’re going to have to actually explain the process, tap into the pain points, find the, find the motivation there and, and there’s gonna be some pretty serious motivation coming up here because people are gonna fall into pre foreclosure, short sale situation, things along those lines. So the acquisitions and the sell side of things is really. Yeah. That’s what’s going to differentiate companies in my opinion. Yeah. So we’re,

we’re already preparing for that. We coach our team every week on what the market crashed and it looks like, um, obviously we’re buying it a certain percentage less, but at the same time we’re preparing to come in and start doing raps and owner finances.

Right. The other thing that you have to think about is, is also as a wholesaler specifically, yeah, you are now going to have to do a better job of locating cash buyers. Yep. Because there’s going to be fewer and less serious people in this market because there’s going to be a lot of people right now that had been dabbling. They’re going to be like, oh, this is scarier than it was 12 months ago. I don’t want to be involved anymore. Yeah. So wholesaling is also going to get a little bit harder. I think everybody right now saying, oh, let’s just go full time wholesaling like it’s going to be 20 slash 15 all over again. It’s not mean it’s going to be harder to dispose of properties. Absolutely the cost. But those asked do you only do bandit signs and do you do any other types of direct marketing? So we, we essentially do like all forms of, yeah,

marketing that you can possibly think of all the way from PPC mailers to cold calling to rbms. Um, and new ones like text box, but we don’t do text boss yet. Bandit signs. So

we talked about the three, those, we haven’t talked

about ppc because that’s something you’re doing internal or are you outsourcing that to company? Yeah, I outsource that. And what is the reasoning behind that? Is that just something like that’s a distraction, don’t want to be involved in it and you feel more comfortable with someone else. Yeah, it’s like, I mean for one it’s like I have a lot of things that I’m focused on and I know if I go in and study that in which

eventually I will, it’s just I’m not the best at it and obviously if we’re going to dump a lot of money into something I want to kind of put it with the team that kind of understands how to do it. Um, so I’d rather pay a premium, you know, and Kinda pay somebody to do that for me.

Right. Dante, as what website do you use for abandoned side?

A dirt cheap [inaudible] dot com is that, that’s the best. I mean that’s all I’ve been using it. Like, I’ve seen other sites that you can get it a little cheaper, but I mean that’s what I’ve been using since I’ve started and they’ve been good to me. So I’m a couple of pennies per song doesn’t make a difference for our business. So.

So Jeremiah has got a question here. He says you talk about reverse engineer the county for what sells the best, how do you do this?

Um, you kind of. Well we do a little bit of market research so like we go in and try to find where the most cash transactions are happening. Um, and we go into those markets and locate, I mean, or we’re still on the acquisition side. Um, and then we essentially don’t bait and switch people. We just bait and switch people are we bait and sell people, you know, on deals. So I guess people train it a little bit different and they go into a market and find, have buyers first. Um, we go in with with no condom on

and just uh, and we fire and then aim. That’s kind of our approach. And yeah, it might be a little bit more expensive, but it’s been working for us. So that’d be the title of today’s episode. Going with no economy. See what happens. Dante also a Saudi, you pay your team. So let’s talk about, you kind of already gone over the bandit signs. Let’s talk about acquisitions, just so

acquisitions. We paid them in tears. They get a small drop of about $2,000 a month. Um, and then they make a percentage of eight percent under $50,000 in gross. They make 10 percent above 50,000 in gross and then they do over $100,000 gross for the month and they’ll get 12 percent. Um, and then obviously if they find their own deals than they get 20 percent. Disposition makes about three percent. So our transaction coordinator, I have cold callers, cold callers, I pay them like 12 bucks an hour. I outsource it pretty cheap. But I mean there’s, there’s a lot of them. So.

And the dispositions people, all they’re doing is dispositions. Yeah. That’s all they do. And Are you helping them build the buyers list or is it just solely their responsibility? We, I mean, I obviously,

and how we’re seeing, we have a lot of inventory right now. So like the, I mean, hey, if you, if you do buy, fix and flips, let let me know, you know, um, because we have a lot of inventory just in Dallas. Uh, but I, I help give them tools that they need to succeed in. I mean, you know, and bring people in that kind of know what they’re doing and, and, and we build off of what, what’s already in, what’s already there. And then obviously with anything you want more. So we’re obviously networking, meeting New People, um, and you know, and networking. So. Right.

My partner here, Jamie just wrote mindset is so key. People say you can’t go get good deals because they don’t believe they can. Yeah. And problem solving problems is key. Follow up is key. Yeah, for sure. I mean follow up is, is massive in this business. Absolutely. Yeah. What pro, what systems do you have in place for follow up and whose responsibility is on the team for followup? Yeah,

so I actually forgot. I mean I have like a lot of divisions. I have a followup division. They’re called lead managers. They actually make five percent on deals and their full time job is just following up with people. They don’t get any new untouched or inbound leads. They actually only call a leads that we’ve already talked to ’em and if it’s in our database for more than three days and nobody’s talked to them, then they have the opportunity to reach out to them and try to make the cold lead a little bit more warm than they toss it back to the acquisition guys, which are the closers. Um, and then obviously they split the difference on the commission. So that’s another student working for us. Pretty cool. Yeah. I mean it keeps the acquisition guys motivated and if you don’t close it then you’re going to lose five percent because the lead manager will close it. And I mean how our promotion works in the company and it’s like once you close certain amount of deals and bringing a certain amount of revenue to the company, then you can be an acquisition guy. So,

so I’ve seen, you know, on the acquisition side of things with it, they have three days essentially to follow up. They keep doing that and they’ve done it for 90 days and then the followup team cannot touch it. Right.

Um, well it because yeah, you, the team is constantly following up. But in our system, if nobody’s contacted that person for more than three days, it automatically gets reassigned to a lead manager and are using podio for that. Yeah, it’s pretty cool. Can you go over that deal strategy for your team? Because that was a huge thing I get to Cuba with lead managers and acquisitions for your followup team. Yeah. So our follow up team, they’re called lead managers and we pay them five percent of the deal. So if a lead goes 72 hours and nobody’s touched it, and then it goes to a lead manager and their jobs to essentially do the followup. And get that person and essentially get the relationship back on the line because 80 percent of what we do is relationship or relationship building on, that’s 80 percent of the reason why people do deals with us. Um, so we’re following up with them continuing that relationship with the notes and marine personalities. Um, and I mean we’re getting to know people, kids names, where they went to school, where they from, what they do for living, all of that. So when a followup manager gets the lead, the notes are already there and it’s like, hey, how’s, how’s, how’s like your kids by their specific name? And it’s like, holy crap, this person knows me, you know? And then we get them back on the hook, um, and

back into the conversation with them selling their house. So I just realized that we, we repeated that for a second time. Also, we could have a golden nugget picture a little apple on there. This is like the twelfth titanium Tuesday, and that’s the first time we’ve ever had to do that. I’m questioning my ability to get golden nuggets on this episode. Thank you, Ryan for the Golden Golden Nugget. I didn’t know that. I do love it though because I’ve. I’ve talked to people across the country. I’ve never heard somebody do that before. It’s always falling position. Guys. Get super pissed. It’s like holy crap, like a like a home run lean and you all of a sudden have to pay a majority that commission out to a lead manager and then follow up to your fault and nowadays it’s so common to automate the follow up. Right? Okay.

We’re a use podio and then we’re going to automate with text messages at ringless voicemails that it is good, but nothing more. There’s nothing like talking to someone like you said in reestablishing that relationship and making the cold or warm lead and I think what a lot of people approach real estate is they don’t like. You can use data and have marketing. That’s great, but if you’re not a salesperson or have a sales team, then it’s going to be really tough for you to structure your business. This is a sales business. This is a people business. We view our office as a sales office. It’s sales, um, and that’s just the reality of it. It’s not, I mean, you could do all the marketing and the world. You can do all the data, didn’t have computers, push emails, but if you can’t close a deal, it’s going to be hard for you to make a deal.

You know, you need to be a sales person. Personally for me, I mean, and this is something that we’re, we’re currently adapting with our partnership with Jamie, but we had made the decision that titanium, we got rid of anything that was automated. Yeah. Yeah. I mean the reason why is because it took the, the power of the person that way and now they’re relying on the automatic text that was going through the same person the same way at the same time. I mean there’s so much that as individuals you can impact, like you said, that sells and selling to me is going to be completely different than selling and someone like Ryan. Yeah. I mean we have two different personalities and if you’re automating everything and it sent out the exact same way, you’re taking away the power of your team. So I love what you have set up there.

I mean, automation is great, it’s awesome, you know, but that should be your marketing division in systems division. You know, I’ve met thousands of people that are just intrigued by real estate, you know, and I used to run a sales company and when it comes to sales, like, oh, I don’t want to be a salesperson, I don’t want to be a salesperson. And I’m like, well that’s, that’s real estate. That’s any business you know, you, you need, that’s the majority of your business. I love how you keep referring to it as divisions, you know. I mean, I don’t think that is a, a phrased used commonly enough when you talk about a wholesaling company, like you’re actually building a business decisions within the business. Yeah, for sure. I mean

anybody can hustle a wholesale deal, um, and anybody can go out and like if you’re a hustler, you can get a deal. If you just slap enough shit against the wall, you know, you probably deal will happen. But if you want to structure a business, you have to structure it like a business. You know, and we view wholesaling and real estate as a business and that’s the way we structure it and if we want to grow it, we have to structure it in a way where we can implement certain things quick. Um, and then all of a sudden we can see growth happen. And so often I tell people, you know, if you’re at the point now where you don’t feel like this is important in your business, yeah, you’re wrong. Because what’s gonna end up happening is, is you’re going to go out there and hustle for six months, a year, two years, and then you’re going to realize, because I didn’t take care of these things in the beginning, it didn’t set up these divisions and plans for how I want you to set up the business.

I’ve actually left a ton of meat on the bone. Yeah, I’ve missed out on deals. Deals fall through the cracks. So you set up your business the way you want it to function, moving forward in the future. Don’t set up yourself for failure and create bad habits. Yeah. We got a question here. This one was very specific to something that the, I guess you moved. How did you get those new builds at a wholesale price? The ones that were just built this year? Um, well this was an interesting situation. Currently these for sale or is this. We just sold soda yesterday. A poxy bought them, but uh, it was one, but yeah, the we got to, it was a bandit sign. Lena actually, she first called us and she wanted to sell it for like 215, which was like retail and like we see how listed there’s, I mean we’re not even considered, you know, and then follow up manager kicked in, um, reached out to her and gave her our max susceptible offer and we keep them low.

It’s like the lowest number that’s on our system. That’s what you offer. And our lead managers essentially train our sellers to realize that hey, nobody else is giving me a higher offer. Then all of a sudden, once we realized we, we feel that they’re coming down on the price a little bit, gets kicked to acquisition manager, and then we were able to get it at wholesale price. Cool. So, so just grass. What are some extra problems you’ve had to solve for the seller aside from cash needs in order to get the deal? Yeah, so I mean, think about it. It’s, it’s a person. It’s like literally just like you’re a person and that person is a person. So it might not just be cash, they just want to maybe move to a different state or they want to move somewhere different. They don’t want it to keep up with the set financially.

They just don’t want to go through the stress of fixing their house or whatever the situation they’re in. You have to understand that. I mean, think about it, if, if all the person thinks about was money and you talk to them and they’re not focused on making money at that specific time, you realize their entire life doesn’t revolve around money, you know? Um, so you have to be able to go in and problem solve for that seller in. Yeah. There’s not one specific model or system because everybody’s different. Everybody has different situations. There’s, I mean like I can think of like thousand problems I have, you know, but you have to go in there and like listen to people, you know, listen to what they’re saying in their situation that they’re in and help them. It’s like, Hey, we can help you with moving assistance. We can get professional movers and help with those costs are or whatever. Whatever you got to do to, to essentially add value to that person to get the deal done, do it.

I mean, so often these motivations might start with a financial reason, but when you really ask questions and dig deeper, what you find out is, is my good buddies, Jordan, Stanley Payne and todd in me, you them well, what they’re doing with the kingdom, they always say that they posted on facebook. Money isn’t real. Yeah. Like, and it really isn’t. When you think about it, it’s just something that we trade to get other items. And when you look at, you know, so often with a motivated seller, um, I, I can think of specific instances where it was, yes, they needed to sell their house because the initial reason was financially they couldn’t afford the house anymore, but the real reason was his health reasons, boss’ job needed to move, grandkids, something happened with their daughter or their son that they needed to move and be there for them.

And so what it really comes down to is the initial reason was financially, but it’s because of I need to move to be closer to my daughter or son and why I’m saying it’s financial because I had this huge burden. There’s liability with the property. And so you’re really not solving that financial burden. You’re saying, let me find a way to get you moved to where you can take care of your son or daughter and take this liability off your hands. It’s just, it’s a matter of how you phrase things and ask continued questions as why having a division like cells and having good acquisitions people. And even on the disposition side, having good dispositions, people that are finding solutions for the cash buyers, I mean it’s across the board just about solving problems. Uh, we got our good buddy dot dirt Guy Robinson watch in front of the skid steer and finishing a one 80 but 300 pad Hashtag for you for tuning in. It’s awesome. Then. Yeah,

I mean, when I was starting in business, man, I used to listen to podcasts while I’m at work, you know, so I’m learning

and I’m going to give a quick shout out to doc and his dad. I’m so often I have used this platform and other platforms and talk about beat kids cancer and I think, you know, Propelio and everybody for lying to us to do it. But Doc has a great nonprofit as well. Um, that right now is currently, this is their time in the season and I don’t know the name of it, but essentially what it is is Santos causes. So, so docs, dad essentially dresses as Santa Claus and, and they, they provide meals that’s awesome. Toys, clothing for families and uh, it’s just a great cause. Doc, if you haven’t, if you have time, can you drop a link in there to a y’alls website and what Y’alls causes. I just love what you guys do and y’all had been a huge supporter of us.

It’d begins cancer. So just wanting to give that quick shout out to you guys. That’s awesome. I’m transitioning from that. Let me find a good transition from going from the Santa Claus a nonprofit, but getting back to real estate as opposed to the savage conversation. No, I’m just kidding. Let’s give back. We actually had a meeting about that yesterday as a team. It’s like hey, we were making a ton of money. It’s like let’s go off 2018 with a, with a different purpose, you know, like how can we give back not just education wise but how can we get back to people in need, you know? So I think that’s important. Yeah. So it is man and starting to Division Cherry Division. That’s cool man. And I’m proud of you for that because it’s one of the things, obviously we did that with beat kids cancer and that was something that close to our hearts because it’s awesome because my niece, but I just, I challenge everybody, once you reach a certain level of success, find something to go out there and do it because man, I’m telling you what, for every deal that I’ve ever wholesaled or flipped and, and big checks are great months or anything like that.

Nothing compares to being able to get back in and get messages and pictures and yeah. You know, yesterday we dropped off a ton of toys and stuff like that. A coach children’s and my kids, my kids actually did it and I got sent the picture and I was having a pretty rough day at that at that moment. And I got that picture and it’s like, man, there’s just nothing better than seeing my little kiddos dropping off kids for the sick kids. So absolutely. Anyways, we’re going to take a quick break, jumped to commercial. Let’s get some more q and a in there and we’ve got about 10 or 15 more minutes with Donovan. Thank you guys.

Alright guys, thank you for joining us on Titanium Tuesdays Day. Hope you guys have today’s episode A. Donovan has just been dropping at Tom Golden Nuggets. Actually, he officially dropped the first golden nugget on titanium. Brilliant. Awesome. Maybe it was the first. Yeah, that it was the first, first time we’ve gotten that golden nugget. So, uh, but we’re, we got about 10, 15 more minutes with Donovan. Love to get y’alls questions in there. So the more we can get in the better. Uh, the first one we’ve got here were some of the best training slash masterminds that helped you scale.

Yeah, so I’m actually, you know, them Carlos and sal and Phoenix that they host an online event like once a quarter or something like that. That’s helped a lot. Um, there’s a few other high paid masterminds that I was a part of, which is like kind of expensive. It’s like 30 slash 40,000 per per event. So, um, I mean you can hit my dms and if that’s something that you’re interested in, I can see if we can get you into that mastermind.

Yeah. So real quick, I know quite a few of my buddies that have masterminds, I’m just, I’m going to drop their name because I don’t necessarily know the name of the mastermind itself, but a Brad Chandler, Joe Evangelists, the Tim brought Todd Fleming and Jordan, Stanley Payne, Carlos and sell, like you said, I’m Mike Hambright with investor fuel. Those are some of the best masterminds out mark Evans DM as well. So check those out. Those are some great masterminds. Masterminds are huge for success. Um, obviously, you know, with partnering with Jamie, we just started our own and, and that’s what I’ve been telling everybody in there about, you know, I could go back and directly correlate some of our success to expand into new markets. Almost all of the private money we’ve ever raised has been from masterminds. Yeah. Which sounds crazy, but I’ve told people, I’m like, well, the reason why is you’ve got people in a, in a mastermind with people from all across the different levels of business and there are people in there that are like, Hey, I’ve been in this game for 15, 20 years and I no longer wanted to do be the operator. So it allows you to network with great people. So, good question there, Jeremiah. It says, what books do you recommend for real estate and slash or business?

Um, I haven’t read a lot of real estate books just because a lot of them, they’re written like a specific time or a market. So it’s kind of hard to like find certain things, um, that work. But business wise, I think tractions a great bliss. Um, I always recommend, I mean, especially if you want to scale your business, I read retraction. I mean obviously there’s a couple of like mindset books like think and grow rich. How to win friends and influence people. It helps with the sales side. Um, but yeah, understanding, I mean, you, I always recommend like, hey, I mean go get a sales job for a couple months or a year or something like that and learn how to actually physically do sales because that’s what’s helped dramatically in my business because I’ve ran a or I’ve owned a sales business for years and it’s literally just a business, right? So

they go since we’ve talked a little bit about, um, negotiations never split the difference is a good one. Uh, I definitely second traction as far as building out systems and really breaks down how the CEO is the and the CEO is the integrator and what that means. And uh, let’s talk about that for a second because it sounds like, you know, with your divisions and, and you’re building out your team. Yeah, I mean, that’s really impressive. Yeah. Are you, by yourself, if you, how have you come up with the systems and the processes in your business and you have support in that regard?

Um, well it’s, it’s funny, it’s because the, I actually posted this like ceos, like llc owners and entrepreneurs, I feel that’s really saturated. Anybody could go to the county or the state and just by LLC and then you posted on your instagram like, oh, I’m not a CEO. Right, right. Um, I mean, how much money are you making it, you know, who have you helped in your business? Who Have you put on, who have you brought from something and made them better, you know. So I think it’s, it’s a lot deeper than, hey, you’re a CEO and you’re all of a sudden entitled. So what I did yesterday, it’s like I want to structure it different in our company where I now work in the company with everybody else and it’s not to a standpoint of, of pride or anything like that because we’re building something together.

This is our company. Um, and I actually moved my office from a private office to the sales floor so I can be in the trenches with those guys, you know? Um, so I have different perspectives on that just because I used to be a cfo at my own company that I owned and I hired a CEO and it worked amazing and great. But the problem with that is people are inspired by that and, and when they’re inspired by that, they’re just wanting to go do their own thing and it makes it really difficult to, to retain people. So, um, instead of, um, working at like that, I want to be able to work within the company just like everybody else so we can build something together versus something that’s just mine. Does that make sense? Um, so,

well the other aspect to that is, is I’m sure there was a point in time where you actually want to do this business because you enjoy this business.

Yeah, for sure. I, I love, I love real estate. I love business and it’s got to the point now where it’s not just about money, it’s, I mean, I mean I have made great money and I have like excellent paychecks and stuff like that. But I mean it gets to a point where you’ve bought everything you wanted, you’ve seen everything that you want. If now it’s like, alright, what’s next? Now my family’s even taking care of. Now it’s to a point where it’s like, let’s go out into the trenches and help somebody get out of a situation or make their life better, and then all of a sudden, because you’re able to do that, people around them are better and it’s going to grow to a point where it’s like you’re literally impacting the world. I mean, look at a t and t is one of the biggest companies in the world and I mean, I know millionaires that work for 18 and t, you know, um, but everybody around them, their life is better, you know, just because of a company are absolutely,

uh, you know, obviously I have a lot of different things to say about this, you know, tying back into the masterminds, there’s a lot of time where I go to masterminds and the constant conversation in the mastermind is, is how can I systemize my business so I can get out it? Yep. Yeah.

And I’m like, yeah. And it gets to me and I’m like the weird dude where I’m like, I don’t necessarily want to be out of my light. That’s my baby. That’s what I love. Like I, I’ve built this to be a part of it and be proud of it and yeah, yeah, of course I want freedom of time to go on vacations and stuff like that and enjoy my life. I don’t want to stop working. Yeah. And I, I take the same approach. It’s like how can I delete myself from an equation so I can do something other in the business, you know, and duplicate myself so I can make it better. Um, and I, I’m motivated. It’s like, hey, how can I leverage my time? I’m not just to retire and stop working so I can work more on so I can do something else like a nonprofit.

Exactly. Or whatever. Or expanding a new market. I mean, that’s one of the greatest things that you know, we’ve, uh, we’ve ever been able to do is expand to new markets and find new partners and create that financial freedom for other people as well, along with you and side by side and create that army of people. And that’s why we’re partnering with different people like Jamie and you know, it’s aligning the, the forces there and being able to do more together. It’s so funny you bring up eight t and t because a ID at one of my sales pitches to Jamie where I was asking her to partner with us. I was like, it’s kind of like when a t and t and cingular number, everybody had the stupid little senior or cell phones and I was like 18. He bought it and was like, Oh shit.

Now there are no other cell companies, cell phone companies. And just became a. well and now you look att and t. So Ryan Harper asked, where did the Gong come from? Oh yeah, Amazon. Amazon. So yeah, we have this Gong in the office. Everybody, every time somebody gets a deal we hit the gong. We all celebrate. Um, is it a big one? I have not seen it. It’s pretty big. Yeah. That’s cool man. Yeah, I follow me on instagram or facebook or. Oh yeah, you can pull it up. There it is. Yep. So every time we’d get a deal, we hit this gong. Um, so yeah. Oh Hell No. We’re going to partner on a deal. I’m going to come in there and hit that thing. Let’s hit it. I ain’t going to hit it like he did. I’m giving it a good one. It’s usually a big massive celebration in the office because it takes a lot of work.

Like my guys work hard, we work hard to get a deal, you know, and there’s a lot of money and there’s a lot of individuals that’s involved with the whole process to get a deal done. So we celebrate, you know, it’s important. It’s like you just brought up, what’d you spend last month on marketing? About 140,000. One hundred and $40,000. I mean by God when you go out and you spend $100, right? I mean when you go, oh, you got it. Yeah. And you get a deal and then you get rid of it and like you start. Yes. That is something to celebrate for sure. Yeah. And a lot of people in this business disrespect what wholesalers go through to get deals. I mean, what you are building is an actual, legitimate business and there’s a, you’re feeding a ton of people and not only inside your

business but the vendors you’re using as well. I think, uh, our, our good buddy, uh, Sondra ray just asked earlier who are using for PPC. I think that’s important because obviously it’s working for you. Uh, do you mind sharing who you use them for? That? Yeah, you could just reach out to Carlos and sal that can help you go a re. Randy may feel he says, uh, you don’t build a business. You’d build people. People build the business.

Yeah. I mean even on the construction side of rehabs, like I took my carpet guy and he only did carpet when I met him and now he does a majority of, a lot of miscellaneous things with, with, with the job. And he didn’t even believe he could do it. I’m like, dude, like it’s carpentry. Like you can, you have the tools to do something more, you know, and you just develop people in as long as you’re developing people, you know, you’re always gonna see growth, especially if you bring value in return. But yeah, I mean back to the buyers for sure. It’s like, I mean me as a buyer, like I only buy from wholesalers like last year. I mean I’d probably average $100,000 that I was paying wholesalers to find deals by just doing rehabs. Um, so I kind of looked at that. I was like, man, I could continue to buy from wholesalers not come out of pocket because I use private money and stuff like that.

Or I could just find my own deals with their own pain and assignments. That’s kind of why I don’t have an issue of spending a lot of money on marketing. But yeah, I mean I’m kind of like changing the whole dynamic of buyers coming in by an our deals because I understand where they’re coming from. You know, they want the best deal and they don’t want to pay like whatever. But I literally invite them to the office, I’m like, hey man, come see the operation, come drop the earnest money off and we can kind of show you what other deals that we have so they can kind of see what’s going on and what process is that we see. So it’s not like, hey, this is a hustle, like a hustler, hustled, a wholesale deal, and it’s going to hustle me. It’s not like that. It’s like a legitimate business that we bring legitimate value in on both angles, the seller and the buyer. So, you know, um, so it’s even sellers, they come to the office, come check out our operation. Um, this is a business like it’s kind of like a corporate structure and there’s like a closing room with. I mean, mean like there are clients, you know what? I need them just as much as they need us.

I love that man. And you know, we, in the newer markets that we go to, we buy quite a bit of our deals from wholesalers. I’ve yet to see when we buy multiple deals from a wholesaler where it just ends at that we’re word of the cash buyer and there was a wholesaler. Yeah, there’s so much opportunity to do more together. You know, a shout out to my buddy Kolby Kay in Phoenix. We bought some deals from him. He’s also found ways to bring us lender so we could close on different deals. Now we have deals that were, we’ve gotten under contract or we own that we want to dispose of, so he’s going to do a dispositions for us. Next thing you know, it’s like he’s. He’s got a great deal and Louisiana right now I’m a mobile home park that he’s looking

to get rid of. He’s reaching out to us and Corey Thompson. I mean there’s just, when you have that abundance mindset for humane, it’s like the relationships start to flourish and then it’s like, are we partners? No, but we’re partnering on different ways to make money together and there’s so much power in doing that. So yes, you’re absolutely right. When you wholesale a property and you bring in that cash buyer to your operation and let them see all that. Yeah, it’s way different than just siting an assignment contract and given you a $5,000 cashiers check. Exactly. They’re seeing, hey, there’s something to grow here. I can get excited about this. Yeah, Donovan, this is what I want. These are the types of deals I want.

Yeah. We get their criteria and like, like I like, Hey, like what’s your criteria? We get criteria from everybody and then we literally dedicate. Like if they hand us a check, I’m like, Hey, you’re doing business with us now. We’re going to literally reinvest it back into the system where you want to buy so we can help you get more deals. Right? So develop those relationships with your cash buyers because that’s super important. As markets change can just fire ourselves stuff just because you have it. You have to kind of build it off of your client base. You know what people want right now. So, uh,

your fellow titanium Tuesday, previous guests, greg shines is totally ordinary a gone today. But I’m going to keep it around the house and use it every time I actually wash the dishes, fold clothes, etc. Yeah, that is awesome. BY the way, I, I’m stealing greg shines wardrobe. I love his wardrobe more than anything. And he stole like the whole steve jobs, mark zuckerberg theory of like, he wears the same thing every day and so I might get accustomed to that man. It’s like I wear normally I wear like a tee shirt and jeans. I don’t have to

think about what I wear, you know? So I have a lot of things to think about. I want to wake up with a problem, like what am I going to wear today? I already know what I’m going to wear today. It’s jeans and a tee shirt.

They are all like a entrepreneur, little idiosyncrasies that are come up with where all of a sudden it’s like I wasted three and a half minutes a day wondering what I was going to wear, must cut down from my life. So jamie says $140,000 on marketing. What is your return and gross profit for this must know?

Um, we, we, it’s, it’s aBout 30 percent, 36 percent. Um, so yeah, I guess you can kind of.

Yeah, you can, you can do the math, jamie, if not, it’s like you can text me after the show and I’ll do the math for you partner. Where does the 140 gay gotu what takes the biggest chart? I’m sure pbc is a lot of that. Right?

Well I think that’s, I mean, I mean we pay our team commissions, you know, I think that’s where majority of it goes, but we spend a lot like on data within itself because we buy entire, like counties, um, we buy like millions of records at a time, skip tracing it, filtering it and stuff like that and then filtering it through the bas at it’s kind of expensive. So,

so real quick before we jump off, you have another company outside of real estate have actually shut it down? Yeah, you shut it down. I was kind of, I did own a, like I had to

million dollar companies was like fine and dandy. Um, which is, it was a cool experience because I’ve, I’ve learned a lot from both, but I kind of grew to the point where it’s like I felt not only did I have two roles in two jobs, but I was giving my people 50 percent on both sides and I kind of came to an understanding where I wanted to just give everybody a 100 percent, so I just kind of made the decision to just go all real estate and kind of took some of my top guys from my sales company and brought them over to the acquisition side. And um, and now we focused only on.

It’s crazy, man. It takes a lot of guts to shut down a seven figure business. It’s super humbling.

Um, and it, I mean, I, I learned a lot from that and our clients treat us really well, but I think for the better of my are my people, I think it’s what made sense, um, because I was like, it’s not about money anymore. You know, it’s not about growing at a super successful company. It’s about the people. It’s about my people. So,

so awesome. Men, so for everybody that’s watching it, they want to do business with you. What’s the best way that you reach out to you and do business with you? Yeah, so

you can reach me on facebook, instagram. Um, I’m sure you guys will tAg it and in my email you can email me. Um, I don’t really give out my phone number that much anymore just because I get a lot of phone calls and I have a lot of responsibilities, but most definitely you can email [email protected]. Find me on facebook, donovan ruffin, instagram, the diamond rough in instagram is probably the easiest way just because I’m always on there. I’m always distracted, right? But I get a lot of inspiration from instagram, you know? Um, I see like celebritieS and other people are doing certain things and I’m like see, it’s like if that person can do it, so can I, you know, so I like, I like instagram.

So you’re going to have your dispositions guys dropped those deals you got under contract and the, in the comments. Yeah, I’m quinn. Let’s make a deal. Let’s make a deal go down on tuesday. I mean, dude, we have like Just between dallas and fort worth like deal is ready to go. We have about 20 deals, 40 years and we’re just waiting for

pictures and titles to clear. So we’re picking up a lot of deals, uM, or selling them like 75 or 76 percent right now. So, um, we have a lot of inventory so you can come shop, come, have come shop with

us about three percent commission, so only three percent honestly. You said disposition, please be prescriptive. About three percent. Alright guys. So I’m rj bates, titanium investments, same thing. You can find me on facebook. Um, and also I don’t do this good enough on here. We buy houses, we also sell houses as well. So please reach out to me. Um, and then also guys

a shout out and love for Propelio without them. None of this as possible. Definitely used them for mls comps. We both titanium investments and donovan’s company, we use them for our comps yet, but they also have lead list. They also have websites and all kinds of things, uh, through their subscription. So check them out at And then also please subscribe and turn the notifications on, on facebook, subscribe on youtube and check out the other shows. We got a grant, teach me something tomorrow, then we got the Iron Heels show on thursday and then do we have quest on friday? Great information there. Each one of these shows brings a little bit different taste and flavor to it, uh, but all great content. So thank you guys for watching. And are we still doing shows next week or when are we taking off for christmas? So next week will be our last week before the christmas break. So we got one more week for you guys. So we’ll see you all next Tuesday. Is

it okay. Thank you for listening to another episode of titanium tuesday on the Propelio real real estate investing podcast. Make sure to subscribe on the apple podcast app tune in on all podcast sites and check us out. Live on facebook and youtube monday through friday.


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There are three times as many people on Facebook as on Instagram. Facebook...

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A Comparative Market Analysis (CMA) is an essential tool in real estate that...

When you buy and investment property to flip in a rural, tertiary market,...

If you are asking “What are doing that’s working,” you are asking the...

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There are three times as many people on Facebook as on Instagram. Facebook...

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