Technology is ubiquitous to every aspect of modern life, but choosing, not just any, but the right real estate software tools and technological tools for business is a decision making process that can greatly impact that venture for better or for worse. As a real estate investor, you are not only tasked with buying and selling property, but of managing all of the operations that go into supporting that aim. The more you can streamline your operations and maximize the value they add to your process, the faster, bigger, and healthier your business will grow. If you only implement one action plan to improve your real estate investment business, make it software. Now, let’s look at how real estate software tools enable better investing by exploring a real-world example,


As with any business, a lot of time is spent on the tasks that support, but do not directly contribute to the aim of the business. These administrative tasks can take up an amount of time disproportionate to their overall value and which would be better spent actively engaged in transactions. Propelio offers an integrated task management system, which allows you to track all of the tasks you need to perform in order to make a determination about purchasing properties and following leads. Once you are ready to move on a lead, there is a sophisticated lead management system in which you can store all your leads in one place and easily add contact information which is readily accessible at the push of a button.


Another tedium for real estate investors, the management of a team. Surely your team is awesome, that’s why they are your team, but micro-managing is a time-consuming and wasteful practice necessary to many offices. With a software system such as Propelio, you can easily assign team members personal login IDs, assign them specific roles, and manage the tasks and prioritization of a project. In addition, because the logins are personal, you can tag them in conversations, creating a fool-proof circle of communication and ensuring that your team functions as a whole.


Before any investor makes a move on a lead, they do their research. The better your research is, the better your decisions will be. Proper research used to take up a lot of time. Calls had to be made, files pulled, and calls returned. With the internet, access to information is quick and simple, but a good investor needs that information to also be reliable and accurate. With software tools such as those available through Propelio, an investor can rely on having access to abundant and precise MLS comps. Property valuation takes only a matter of seconds when you are able to access the comparative market analysis of similar properties. Never lose out on an opportunity again with real time information which runs comps on ALL active properties in a market and compares them to the list price of your property and will alert you if it is below the sale-price of comps in the area.


Marketing in today’s world is a 24 hour, multi-media, ever-evolving beast. Maximizing your marketing platform could be a round-the-clock team mission, but with the right real estate investment software and tools you can manage your social media streams via automation. Add pictures to accounts and links to YouTube videos to keep your web presence current and relevant. In addition, you can keep your listings up to date and add financial information as well as basic property facts (i.e. square footage) in just a few clicks. With the proper software, your marketing will never be out-of-date.

In the days of old, a good storefront and an able staff were a sound start-up investment in a business. Today, the storefront is the web and that staff can be largely replaced by the tools that it offers through software and sites like

With the right software, any real estate investor can become a powerhouse.

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