So I realize that showing & proving your success is a main component of being a Real Estate Investor. It can build credibility with your ability to buy a house and do deals. I also understand that getting big checks is exciting and you want to share with the class… And maybe it was just the way I was raised, but I am not a fan of blasting the “I made $XXXXX on my last deal.” To me, its very similar to NFL Celebration Dances. I’m all about being excited, but lets keep it classy! You can definitely go overboard… And to me… Bragging all over Facebook how much money you made… not the most classy thing you can do.

I know, I know… EVERYONE does it… And who knows, I may even eat crow one day and post a check here and there. But for now, I won’t be partaking.

I’m not hating on anyone that does… Hell, my buddy, my pal Daniel Moore is all about throwing those checks out so people know you are real. There are so many frauds out there, you have to find a way to prove you are real. Again, I get it. I just don’t like it… You can blame my dad for that.


If you want to get a hold of me… You can find me on my horse… that is also way up high.



A Healthy Debate is a beautiful thing… So if you agree/disagree, would love to hear your thoughts… So… Comment below!

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