Quick and easy ways to grow your real estate endeavor in just one weekend from Propelio’s vault of knowledge.

Real Estate investing is a living business, and as such, it needs to be fed and watered just like a plant if you want it to grow and thrive. As a new company, Propelio understands the challenges that come with the realization of that desire for growth. Knowing exactly when and how to act to spur growth can be difficult, particularly for novice investors or those new to a particular marke. Every day we hear from clients who are succeeding with the help we provide. It is our experiences and those of our clients that provide us with a wealth of knowledge which we will draw from today to help you be a better investor.

Below are two ways you can improve your real estate investing.

Step One: No More Excuses

There are many traits and habits to be found among successful investors, everyone has a different strategy, timeline, and means of executing their strategy. Successful real estate investment techniques can vary from market to market and year to year. In contrast to the variety of traits which can be found in the success pool, all unsuccessful investors have one thing in common; they don’t believe they’ll succeed.

Investors are very good at coming up with excuses as to why their real estate venture isn’t turning coal into gold. They can devise logic to blame anything. Although market conditions, the economy, and available technology and other resources can and do affect investors, a good investor knows how to work within the boundaries of these factors to maintain a stable investment and grow with opportunity. Once you, as an investor, shed the idea that you cannot do it, suddenly the only path left is to just do it!

Now that you’ve shed the doubt and are brimming with confidence it is time to get into the nitty-gritty. How exactly does one channel this confidence in order to grow a real estate business? The answer, whether you are a novice or an expert is Propelio and a free weekend.

Step Two: Choose Wisely (hint: they’re all wise choices)

Some people are full-time, all hands-on-deck, this-is-my-day-job when it comes to investing. Others own a property or two which supplements their income. Regardless of which stage of life your real estate venture is in, taking an hour or two to complete one of these tasks will help propel your business.

  • Make an offer: This one should go without saying, but remember, we just got rid of the doubt that was holding us back. That property that you’ve been eyeing with the motivated seller? Now is the time to make an offer. The worst they can say is, “No”. If you don’t put yourself out into the market, you ensure that your business will stagnate. Even if the offer is rejected, you have just signaled to the market that you are a player and the ripples which that sends out may come back to reward you. The seller may accept your offer immediately, or they may take some time and come back to you after exhausting other offers (which will put you in a great position to negotiate price). Real estate is not a static industry, meaning that the seller may mention your name to another seller who may invite you to make an offer on another property, or to a realtor with exactly the deal you were looking for. Be a shark and keep swimming until you find your next meal!
  • Change Your Settings: Do NOT be intimidated by technology. Now, more than ever, technology is your friend. The internet offers nearly limitless ways for you to easily (so easily) reach out, make contacts, find information, and improve your business. This weekend, without even getting dressed, turn on your pc and find a new real estate contact.
  • Read Something: While you’re out browsing at the mall, head into the bookstore (yes, they still exist). You might be amazed at what you can find related to business and real estate. If it’s a weekend spent on the couch, catch up on Game of Thrones while browsing the internet for articles on topics that can help improve skills and expand your knowledge of key elements of the real estate investment business. The following is a list of three keywords to get you started and a good place to start is within the Propelio Vault of knowledge.
  1. Internet marketing
  2. SEO affiliate marketing
  3. Lead generation
  • Sweeten the Pot: Simply offering to pay cash is one way to entice a seller, but it’s so commonplace that it is worth it to take a moment this weekend and go one better. There are many ways to add value to deal for the seller, increasing the chance that they will accept your offer over someone else’s. This doesn’t have to be a gesture as grand as covering moving costs (but that is a good idea), it can be as simple as the offer of a gift certificate (think of venues which might take the stress out of the moving experience). Before brainstorming, quickly browse your local laws regarding real estate transactions to ensure that any incentive falls within the law.
  • Use Craigslist Correctly: If you are wary of Craigslist, good, you are not a fool. Think of Craigslist like fire. Fire can be dangerous, but when used correctly, it is awesome! The overall benefit of Craigslist is that it is local and real-time. When you update your weekly blog take a minute to cut-copy-paste it to Craigslist, increasing your visibility within the local market and opportunity for leads.
  • Connect with your Community: Although technology does offer very quick, affordable, and easy ways to expand your business, there is something to be said for the old-fashioned ways. Beat boredom and boost your business this weekend by getting out of the house. Do some research and join a local group that meets weekly, bi-weekly, or even just once a month, whatever fits into your schedule best. Getting involved will increase your knowledge of the locality, enlarge your network, provide opportunities for promotion of your business and lead generation, and improve the community in which you invest, which improves your investment’s value.

One Last Thing…
If you take anything away from this article, let it be this, keep moving! Real estate is an exciting dynamic market with endless opportunity for growth, but only if you take the steps, both big and small to encourage that growth. Start with one of the small steps from this list and get on the road to success!

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