Making people laugh, using sniper bullets, countdown clocks and “Keeping up with the Joneses” are proven tactics that are guaranteed to help you overcome any obstacle that a seller can create.


1. Preliminaries: Find Common Ground

USE ICEBREAKERS:  Possibly something topical or something that you can relate to with this person.  The goal is to find common ground.  Knowing sales techniques can be helpful in all aspect of life, not just sales.  Remember CPR (Create Personal Relationships) Someone is more likely to buy from you if they know you and feel comfortable with you.  You can establish trust by making people laugh.

2.Investigation: Ask Questions

Ask questions.  Remember the information so that when you get to your sales pitch, you have established trust.  Ask personal questions, but not too personal.  Ask business questions, such as “How can I help you?”  Ask sniper questions that target assessing their problems so you can help solve them.  Trivial questions have no value in solving their problems so be focused.

3. Demonstrate Capability: Problems Over Solutions

Cater any solutions you offer to their specific problems, do not generalize.  People only care about themselves.  Just mentioning that you buy houses is too general, how can you tailor your response to their specific need?

4.Obtain Commitment: Closing the Deal

Most inexperienced salespeople will use step 3 and 4 as 80% of the pitch, when the most important part of the sales pitch are steps 1 and 2, which are 80% of the sales pitch.  Following steps 1-4, you now have their problems and how to specifically help them in a timely manner, you can close the deal.  Give them yes statements such as “That is a good idea, right?”  You are setting them up to agree with you.

5. Rehash: Reassure, Re-Answer, Recap

Reassure them about how this solution will help them and how you are solving their problems.  Re-answer any questions they may have.  You must ask them if they have any other questions.  Again, using yes statements.  Recap the entire deal with them.  The less you say, the more you make.


You will get about 6-10 objections:  You attempt the close, the seller objects, you offer a rebuttal, back to the close, if another objection, another rebuttal, so forth.  For example, Objection:  I don’t have time right now, Rebuttal:  This will only take a second.  Remember, that you will experience objections throughout the entire pitch, which is why understanding the closing triangle is critical.  Find their 1 REAL OBJECTION and overcome it to close the sale.


J-Jones Effect:  Relate success from a different sale.  “Keeping up with the Jones”

B-Be the expert:  People trust those with experience, if you don’t have it, use – me and my friends have flipped hundreds of houses

F-Fear of Loss:  Creating an urgency, people are afraid of losing out.  In real estate, say, I only have “X” amount to spend today.

I-Indifference:  Confidence in your product and knowing that you do not need that one sale to save your business.  Don’t be the pushy salesperson, couch it as “you need me, I don’t need you” confidently, not arrogantly.

T-Take Control:  If someone is indecisive, “I don’t know,” tell them exactly what to do and what will happen.  You are going to do this, and you can move to X.  Have them open the document, read through it with them, have them sign it right then.

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